Choosing A Home Through Feng Sui

I have a friend who has been in the real estate agent in Anniston for years. His name is Joey Crews. He’s a realtor who has a knack for selling properties with ease. He has gone to several house trips and dealt with different kinds of buyers and personalities as far as Oxford, Alabama.  There were some who were easy to convince and there were also the kinds who were superstitious.

He once met an Asian couple in their past midlife who were eager to visit homes that were on sale. The husband seemed to be the more meticulous one. He was very particular with the location and seemed to have a list of pre-requisites listed in his mind. For a month, they had visited eight nice homes perfectly staged for the buyers to see. The best houses in the market were already shown to them but these didn’t satisfy them. The moment came when they were able to pick the house they want to call their home. It was a big house with the simpler design, huge windows and neutral paint colors. It was the house with the most expensive price in the list.

Good thing they had Joey as their real estate broker who patiently went all the way with them in choosing the perfect house. It was quite daunting but it was all worth it. The couple was actually very nice. They were new to the place so they haven’t known anyone from the neighborhood. After the deal has been made, they considered Joey as their good friend.

The couple opened their doors to Joey for several occasions. He had the chance to know more about the couple’s lives, some of their cultures and beliefs. Over a cup of tea, the old man would share a few hints on how to sell a house. Joey found it ironic that it was his client who was telling him about tips. It’s hard to ignore such things from a wise old man. He told Joey that buyers are most likely to look for a home, not a house. Buyers look beyond the nice painted walls and roof. When they enter an unfamiliar house, they see a place where they will raise their children, share meals with loved ones or celebrate special occasions and holidays. Buyers are looking for a place where they create wonderful memories. Joey would usually leave the old man’s house being enriched with insights.

Subsequently, Joey knew that the old man was actually a practical feng shui expert. That explained why it took them a longer time to choose a home even they were shown with the most beautiful houses in the market.

The old man was not only good in advising feng shui tips. He also had a gift in predicting a person’s future through palm reading. Joey doesn’t believe in any kind of fortune telling but he believes on the old man’s practical tips and advices related to the realm of real estate. He felt privileged to know these wonderful couple who had started filling their new home with good memories.

It is great to realize that fortune telling is also helpful in finding the perfect home for people. Not just because the future is revealed, but because the cautiousness that it brings makes people choose more wisely.