How to Know if A Psychic is Real

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How can you really find out if psychics are real? Is it in the accent? The clothes? The vibe? One should be aware that in most cases, when a person that claims to be a psychic tries so hard to look the part, the more likely they could end up as a conman, because it isn’t so hard to fake a psychic stunt, especially for people that have been given the talent to read expressions, paired with a talent for smooth talk.

It is for this reason that understanding how psychics could honestly and truly read you and not just beautifully blabber with you, becomes an important part in your search for the perfect psychic. You have to take upon your hands the skill to determine if a psychic is for real or is just another con man trying to get you for your money.


  • A real psychic can perform readings through all forms of media – online, through phone and face-to-face reading. A con however, can only so much as perform readings through a personal interaction because it is only through this that they can read expressions and see whether you like what you are hearing or not.
  • Real psychics can and will tell you very specific instances about your life and whatever it is you are in search of. They can give you details if you ask for them, and they are very linear to what you and you alone are about. This is a difficult thing for fake psychics, hence, they speak very generally, and at times they may hit good points, it does not mean it applies only to you. They give out very careful and educated guesses, based on your situation and what could apply to a majority.
  • A real psychic will tell you everything you have to know, the instant they read, feel and see it. However, con artist who pretend to be psychic will do whatever it takes to extend their conversation with you, because the longer you are with them, the higher you have to pay. Some would even drag you on for weeks or months, investing in your vulnerability and your emotions, just to get as much money as they could, from you.
  • Lastly, a real psychic will talk more, and the only thing you have to do is agree with them. Cons on the other hand ask a lot of questions, and as a result, you end up talking more, making you expose ideas that they can use to manipulate you even further.

It is important to know if a psychic you are consulting with is the real deal or not. Usually, people who consult psychics are those that have experienced great loss. They are emotionally unstable, and cons will do what it takes to extort this vulnerability. Real psychics know how to sympathize. They perform their skills to help, not to extort your wealth.

In Search for a Reputable Psychic Website

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Psychic reading and psychics in themselves are a fascination for a lot of people. Others are easily convinced by their prowess while others remain skeptical yet amused by the craft. Whether it is belief or curiosity that drives one to look for a psychic and consult in them, there are now easier ways to get in touch with them without fear of getting lost in unknown forests and mystical dimensions that ancient times believed is where they lived.

Nowadays, psychics have also embraced the modern ways of living. They can now be contacted through phone, television and the internet. While some clients wish to remain anonymous and want to converse with psychics via phone or online, some still prefer the traditional face-to-face psychic encounters. And with the help of technology, what better way to grab a hold of the best psychics there are than to search for them in a reputable psychic website. Usually, when you find a site that endorses a psychic, this also branches out to other trusted psychic websites, making your search for real psychics an easier task.


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Beyond choosing a real psychic, you also have to choose which type of psychic you would want to confide in. there are two types, open-eyed and shut-eyed psychics. If you seek a psychic that has natural abilities, does not need talismans to perform readings and if you trust them more because for you, natural powers are more real and accurate, then you should search the website for shut-eyed psychics. These are psychics that perform readings by channeling thoughts and spirits. However, if you wish for skills to work for you, open-eyed psychics are your choice. These are the tarot card readers, crystal ball fortune-tellers and other psychics that use objects to project their readings and have devoted years of their lives into mastering the craft.

It’s amazing how the internet has also provided means of communication for people like us who believe in psychic readings. Even when society makes it difficult for us all to be accepted, the internet has accepted us and has even made it easier for us to get in touch.

Personally, I wish I had the skill and power to be called a psychic. However, I don’t. All I have is the belief that they promise a better life, because they make us cautious of our actions and they make us understand that the universe is connected and that all of as are interrelated, one way or another.