Water Damage: Los Angeles Floods Caused Sickness In People

A friend’s psychic mom got sick because of a tragic water damage Los Angeles event

I am a bit skeptic about the idea of fortune telling and astrology. But the last time I was in Los Angeles to visit my parents, I had the opportunity to meet a fortune teller. It was my new friend Lara who introduced me to the person who worked with palm reading, tarot card reading and other psychic activities. I found out that the fortune teller was actually Lara’s grandmother.

I always had this idea that fortune tellers are dressed in heavy colorful outfit with golden bangles and a crystal ball on her small table. When I was there at Lara’s house and met her fortune teller grandmother, I had stopped playing stereotypes in my mind. At that time, she was preparing lunch for us clad in her apron and warmest smile. She was on her early 70’s and everything about her was just casual and seemed not to be deviating from a typical mother’s image.

My holiday schedules in my hometown are quite structured. Every visit is packed with the same kind of activities. It’s mostly about spending a day at the beach and going to flea markets.  Spending a time in an old house and having conversation with a fortune teller were not part of my plans. But it became the highlight of my vacation.

I did not come to their house to ask Lara’s grandmother to predict my future. Although Lara insisted that I should try it for fun. After we had a good lunch, her grandmother invited me to the living room for a tarot card reading. It was my first time to see a real set of tarot cards and to be sitting in front of a fortune teller.  I was glad I was not in a dark room full of smoky incense with a woman clattering big accessories. The easygoing nature of Lara’s grandmother and the cozy living room made me feel at ease.   But I noticed she had a hoarse voice and she apologized for it. I learned that she just recovered from symptoms of sore throat and sinuses. It was causing her distress for the past days. She suspected it’s coming from the accumulated molds due to the water damage Los Angeles flooding has caused in her house during the last storm. It was only her and Lara who did the house cleaning. I advised her to contact people who do professional mold removal. She made a humor about it that it was something she never predicted.

After the reading, I had good conversations with Lara and her grandmother. It was interesting to hear her unique stories about her life as a fortune teller. She has this certain level of integrity that wiped out my skepticism.

I never wanted to try being read maybe because I was afraid that I’m going to see bad things about my future and it would disturb me for days. When she did card reading for me, I was like expecting specific predictions about my life and career. But the fortune telling process was more on giving me advice and options. I was surprised that it made me feel better. It was a good reading that empowered me as a person.